A downloadable game for Windows

A short horror game made with PowerPoint 2019 for the PowerPoint Game Jam (ranked 2nd Overall Best).

Graphics made with PowerPoint 2019.

Music and sounds credited within the game.

Install instructions

This game uses features not available in earlier versions of PowerPoint.
PowerPoint 2019 is recommended.
To play, just download and open the ppsx file.


Original Sin.ppsx 128 MB

Development log


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When I get to the "dungeon", the game just turns black and I only hear music. Is that the end or is it bugged?

It's not the end. If you have other PowerPoint files open try closing them. I'm sure it works fine on at least 2 other devices but I haven't tested it on other versions of PowerPoint so there may be some compatibility issues.

Thanks, I got it to work by using the 2019 version of PowerPoint.